Eye Care

Eyes are one of the most essential sensory organs in our body, but sadly, the one taken most for granted. Its mechanism is extraordinary and complicated, yet flawless and magical. The physics of light merging with the biology of the eye and its anatomy is a beautiful union that results in seeing.

Why Eye Yoga?

Digital Age


Over the years, we have adopted habits that distort and destroy our vision. The prevalence of vision disorders has increased after the invention of televisions, mobile phones, computers and tablets. Our younger generation spends most of their time staring at a screen for work, study or otherwise.



Eye disorders ,mainly a weakness of the optical system can occur at any age. Science has always given us solutions, the spectacles, contact lenses, surgery, artificial lenses etc., however are these permanent? These aren’t a cure to the disorders, but a way to make life easy. we need to condition  and strengthen the eye mechanism to work in its original form which is designed by nature.



The reduced sleeping hours and the simultaneous increase in spending more time on screens (working) is causing eye strain.  A camera which is constantly working and not getting recharged adequately, will cause a direct effect on the functionality of the mechanism. Unhealthy Dietary habits ( processed and packaged food ) due to which nutrition does not reach the eye, less activity, pollution are all adding to this eye strain. A clean and a fresh environment helps in seeing better, the oxygen that is being pumped into the eyes, results in crystal clear vision.



The eye being the most sensory organ gets affected when we don’t relax. It has been rightly said quieter the mind, better is the eyesight, relaxation helps the eye to function smoothly.

What To Expect?

Live spectacle free.

Achieve a clear and perfect vision.

Cure eye disorders.

Reduce the damage on your eyes due to gadgets.

Learn to take care of your eyes.

The Eye Yoga Center


Strengthens and stimulates the eye muscles.

Gets the optical system to work in sync.

Increases vision clarity.

Reduces eye strain caused due to gadgets.

Cures eye disorders (cataract, glaucoma etc).

Provides relaxation and relief to the eyes.


Compulsory weekly checkup at the center to measure your progress.

Relax & Refresh

Provides the required nutrition, increases the blood flow & oxygen to the eyes.

Detoxifies the body.

Cleanses the eye of impurities.

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