Eye Yoga Center

2016 was an ambitious beginning for the Eye Yoga Center, we shifted to a new and a place double in size. There were a lot of ideas that were going through my mind to develop the new center. While settling in the new center, along came challenges to deal with walk-in inquiries. individuals aging from the most senior to the most junior came to understand the concept of eye yoga making me realize the necessity of eye yoga, especially for the younger generation.

Every parent had one concern, Can my child really give up glasses? It was good to know that there are some of us who still look at glasses as a crutch and have not been a part of the widely accepted herd of people who adorn glasses.

6 months into the new center; mighty rains descended. The center is on the ground floor got affected. Flooding created short circuits, forcing us to shut down the center for some days.

Back and forth conversations with the authority concluded the center was to undergo a redevelopment due to its weak foundation.

I was demotivated but had unconditional support from participants. Some extremely committed participants continued their eye program amidst the mess.

We experienced a lot of challenges.

I had a choice to look out for a new center or go back to 4 Kala Nagar, the birthplace of eye yoga pioneered by Dr. Kunti Nagwekar (my mother in law). Before moving to the huge center (located opposite MIG club)
I had an experience of 3 years establishing myself and learning with my guruji in the previous center called Sampoorna.
I moved back to the inception place. For some reason the place gave a happy vibe, it had a history of curing and restoring vision for 20 years. Though it was a restricted place, the support from my staff and encouraging participants got me thinking of new ideas again. We were back!

Some participants even came up to me and expressed how they got a very positive vibe, I guess its to do with the fact that Eye Yoga was born here and it gave tremendous happiness to all participants who got outstanding results.
Its like Eye Yoga belonged here in this peaceful Kala Nagar area.

Once again I start my journey with a new conception of ideas, Its rightly said, Old is Gold.

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