Inhale, 1..2..3.. To See

You’re probably reading this article due to the simple title and the expectation that inhale, 1..2..3.. will actually help you see. What if I told you that every single statement in this article is nothing in terms of heavy dieting, splurging on machinery or even rigorous exercises. Tempting isn’t it?

The secret lies in the simplicity of life, in the little things that would help in the long run. Let’s face it. Today’s individual is prone to poor eyesight or blurred vision at a much higher degree as compared to 30 years ago. What changed in these years? The lifestyle! From being a basic, nonchalant lifestyle to a now more luxe and stressful one, is a powerful enough reason for the dwindling eyesight.

How do we tackle this eye epidemic we’ve all come to accept as normalcy?

By executing the various small changes that are as easily done as they read.

  1. A practice that we do every second of every day unknowingly. Various breathing techniques have been discovered and used to aid specs clad people to rid the specs.

A simple 5 minute breathing exercise of mere focus drawn on every breath taken in and given out can benefit not only your eyes but also your body and its functionality. Focused breathing techniques allow for the eyes to get their desired relaxation during an exhaustive day in front of a screen.

Techniques as simple as these for better eye mind coordination, and a more centralized mind will help in the betterment of your vision, naturally.


  1. Healthy Eating

Carrots. We all know the benefits of carrots to our eyes but are those all we need to have a good hassle free sight? Specific food items aid in specific eye concerns. A well balanced diet with some veggies and fruits will not only benefit your body, but also your eyes. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


  1. Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause popped blood vessels due to eye strain.

If this sentence did not make your eyes cringe for just a second, you’re sleeping right. For the rest of us night owls, a slight change in our sleeping habits will ensure the due appreciation from our eyes to us. Our eyes need a minimum of 5 hours of sleep every night. While it sounds like it’s the amount of sleep you put it in, it may not be happening every day. Treat the bags under your eyes as a wakeup call to sleep more.  (The most ironic sentence I assume).


  1. Water

Water is by the far the most requisite and easily available resource ever. Amongst the numerous advantages that water has to one’s body, the importance it has on one’s eyes cannot be disregarded. Lack of water consumption can lead to dry eyes that can cause irritation, blurred vision and headaches. A good amount of water a day allows your eyes to carry on its functions of lubricating the eye and blink easily without any strain.


  1. Barefoot Walking

It sounds completely absurd but walking bare feet can have many benefits for your eyes. Our feet have reflexology zones; each zone affiliated with an organ in your body, needless to say your eyes too.

Pressure on certain points in your foot can ease stress and strain on your eyes. A simple stroll in a park or lawn can help your eyes more than a visit to your optometrist.


  1. Sunlight

Not only a natural source for Vitamin D, sunlight is beneficial to the eyes as it allows for the photosensitive cells to reach the hypothalamus that benefits our body in getting a routine and accurately running body clock.

Cavemen never needed glasses. Their simple lifestyle blessed them with powerful eyes.

Ponder over that.

-Shloka Iyer



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