Repair & Restore Vision Naturally


“Our eyes are important but often neglected by us. In today’s age of quick fix approach via surgery, spectacles, lenses, etc., we are unaware that vision can be restored, repaired & maintained naturally. It is said that we only really value something after we have lost it. Similarly, the value of perfect eyesight is felt only after vision deteriorates. But it’s never too late.

Give up glasses at any stage, and any age”

– Siddhi Shah

The Program


RejuveNetra consists of a combination of researched and proven eye exercises and nutrition plans to solve vision-related concerns, whether it is just to maintain good eyesight, or correct refractive errors & eye disorders for individuals of all ages.

RejuveNetra is a remote program, that is made available to you via email, video and other digital media. The exercises, nutrition, and consultation is communicated by email, phone, skype, etc, and can be followed anytime, at home, in school, at the office, or on the go while travelling.


Is this program for you?


RejuveNetra is for people troubled with poor vision due to refractive or organic errors like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, Macular degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataract & many more.

RejuveNetra is for you if you,
a) need to wear glasses to aid near/ distant vision,
b) experience poor vision due to weak eye muscles, poor focusing abilities, etc.,
c) experience deteriorating eyesight due to an eye disorder or health condition.


What do you get?


You get access to an extensive exercise program along with a customized nutrition plan that works on correcting your eye issues, strengthening your eyes and thus improving your eyesight.
The objective of the program is to prevent or stop further deterioration of your eyes,
enable you to give up wearing glasses & enjoy PERFECT eyesight.


What are the benefits/outcomes of the program?


On successfully completing the program, you can expect to have

1) Reduced deterioration of the eyes

2) An enhanced ability to see near and/or far objects

3) Stronger eye muscles & stimulation of the retina

4) Sharper vision and clearer focus

5) Restored lost or impaired vision

6) Stronger eyes so you can give up glasses without any side effects

7) Improved hand-eye coordination

8) Lifestyle & nutrition habits that will keep you in the pink of health


How to get started?


Step 1 – Submit your registration form with details of your case, eye power/ disorders,
symptoms etc, which will be sent to you by email.

Step 2 – Your case will be evaluated, after which a customized exercise program and nutrition plan will be created for you. We might ask for more details during this process.

Step 3 – You will receive your personalized program by email within 2 working days, which will include introductory exercises and a nutrition plan to get you started.


Program Specifications?


Week Exercise Plan Nutrition Plan Consultation & Evaluation
1 Introductory Exercises for orientation Customised nutrition plan Initial consultation to evaluate the case and design the program
2 New exercises sent by email with video demos Nutrition plan continues Skype/Video consultation at the end of Week 2
3 Changed/New exercises (if any) based on Week 2 progress Alterations made (if required) based on Week 2 progress Skype/Video consultation at the end of Week 3
4 Changed/New exercises (if any) based on Week 3 progress Alterations made (if required) based on Week 3 progress Skype/Video consultation at the end of Week 4



What is the tenure of the program?

The time period of the program varies, depending on the nature and severity of the case. The basic program includes exercises and consultation for 4 weeks. To achieve the best results, you may have to continue the program for a longer duration, till your objective is achieved.


The Eye Yoga Centre has served participants from all over the world, at its center for eye exercises as well as through its online program and has proudly supported many individuals with severe eye disorders to accomplish miraculous results and restore their vision!


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What Our Online Participants Say


A progress evaluation will be done every 10-12 days, through video conferencing. Based on your case and progress, we will add/alter the eye exercises, and new exercises will be sent by email along with videos to demonstrate them. Videos will be easy to comprehend and follow. Exercises should be done according to the instructions given. Based on your case and progress, if any changes need to be made in the nutrition plan, so will be done during the video consultation or by email.