Tender Vision

Tender Vision is a program for children from ages 5 to 16 years.

Our eyes are still developing during our formative years, and during these years it is of utmost importance to nurture the eye mechanism.

In today’s digital age, children are constantly staring down at gadgets, be it smartphones, iPads or computers for entertainment, or to grow their academic horizon. We usually monitor time spent on the computer, but do we consider the effect that so much strain has on the eyes?

The harmful light emitted from these screens causes refractive disorders among children from a very young age.

Other than gadget use, poor eating and sleeping habits prevalent in the new generation contributes to vision disorders. The young are used to a fast-paced life & rely on fast food and junk food to provide quick hunger relief as opposed to receiving the right nutrition. Our Tender Vision program is especially built, taking all of this into account, as well as keeping in mind the individual need of each child.

Power Vision

Power Vision is a program for those from ages 16 to 45 years.

This group represents Adolescents to Middle-aged people.

From 16 to 45 years, most of us fall victim to the stress of academics, work and quick entertainment, not to mention the stress of starting and providing for a family. This stress negatively takes a toll on our well-being and manifests physically in the form of an illness.

With the increased use of computers and smartphones, in academics, work, and entertainment, our eyes are constantly exposed to a harsh environment, for long hours.

This generation is most affected by erratic sleeping patterns and poor eating habits, which add to the problems.

The Power Vision program targets each part of the eye, strengthening them through our exercises, relaxing them, and nourishing them through our nutrition program. The exercises are designed keeping in mind the stress load and exposure to long hours on the computer or phones.

6/6 Forever

6/6 Forever is a prevention program designed for people of all ages.

Eyes are one of our most important sensory organs, especially because it is the most sensitive organ to be exposed to the external environment.

Human eyes weren’t designed to endure harmful lights, pollution and hours or strain. Like any predatory animal, humans evolved with far sighted vision to hunt and protect himself from enemies.

We have instead evolved to use our eyes incorrectly for hours of nearsighted staring at screens and phones. It is so taken for granted, that we do not even know what we are putting our eyes through day in and day out.

This program is designed, keeping in mind the wise saying, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Restore Vision

Restore Vision is a program designed for anyone facing an eye disorder at any age.

Many of our participants, visit the Eye Yoga Center not for preventive therapy, but for correcting eye disorders.

Today’s environment is causing more and more eye disorders and refractive errors, which can be treated (Success depends on the case particulars).

We are seeing cases of Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Retinal Detachment, lazy eye, squint and many others becoming commonplace among the general population.

Our Restore Vision program is designed to rebuild the non-functional parts of the eye and get them to work in sync to improve vision.

The purpose of the program is to heal from the inside and work the eye to restore its original strength.

Food plays an essential part in this healing process. By correcting the nutritional imbalance in the body, replenishing health and restoring vision, we can help restore your eyes to their original strength.

Rejuve Netra

Rejuve Netra is a program for people aged 45 years and beyond.

The age of 45 is when most people give up on perfect eyesight and expect to welcome reading glasses.

The luster in our eyes is lost, the eyes have been overworked, they’ve seen it all and captured it all.

Most of the eye disorders also set in post-middle age are also expected rather than treated.

This is not by human design but because of years of incorrect use of the eyes.

Our Rejuve Netra program blends eye exercise with complete nutrition to reverse a lifetime of damage done to the eye.