Struggles with glasses

Growing up with glasses 1
When you drop your glasses and your life flashes before your eyes.
Growing up with glasses 2
Your friend: “omg, can I try them on?
(puts them on) WOW, you really are blind.”
Growing up with glasses 3
When all your friends are playing that “find the coin on the bottom of the pool” and you can’t even find your friends.
Growing up with glasses 4
Them: “You look better when you don’t wear glasses”
You: “You look better when I don’t wear glasses too.”
Growing up with glasses 5
The struggle of watching 3D movies with 2 pairs of glasses.
A lot of us started using glasses to correct our vision at a young age. If you’re one of them, you’d probably remember complaining about the blackboard feeling like it’s in the next pin code. Your parents were so worried you were going blind, they took you to the local optometrist to get your eyes checked. You put on your first pair of glasses and the world looked so beautiful. The highest of HD qualities provided by two small glass lenses sitting on your nose. That’s it. You were hooked for life.
But what you’d also remember is that what has now become a fashion trend, was not so cool back in the day. The struggle was real and still is. People have learned to live with the struggle. But if you know what it is to grow up with glasses, you’ll relate to these.
I remember watching videos during my research, of spectacles transforming into trendy frames. This was done because people couldn’t get rid of glasses, so it was rather made fashionable so people don’t feel handicapped wearing them. The importance was taken away from the lenses and put on to the frames. It became a personal identity. For example, thick frames could mean you were the serious scientist kinds, the cat-eyed frame may be mean you kept up with trends and knew what looks good on you. Even haute couture labels have designer glasses to make a style statement.
But today, in my experience what is most disturbing is that a majority of people are having eye disorders and they are turning to spectacles for a quick fix. It used to be acceptable to start wearing reading glasses after 40, but now wearing glasses at any age is considered normal. Some, who are adamant about not wearing glasses, don’t hesitate to get surgery and get it fixed in a day. But is the problem really big enough to get laser and surgeons involved? Especially when the effects of surgery could be reversible and amplified, or cause new problems if things don’t go well.
Back in the day, during our grandparents’ time, poor vision was caused mainly due to hereditary reasons, or some deficiencies in one’s body. But today the external environment is single-handedly causing an epidemic of bad vision. Our work pressure has increased, our food is not even half as nutritious, and all our work, socializing, entertainment, studying happens on electronic screens.
Technology is welcome and it will only grow. It is connecting the world, bringing all humans on one single platform. The next big technological advancement is Virtual Reality, which is literally putting a screen 2 inches away from your eyes for entertainment. It’s great. But we should also be responsible for what too much technology is doing to our bodies, that we are not designed to endure.
What I’m saying is times have changed, and we need to turn to more natural ways of staying healthy. Let fashion be fashion, but don’t let your body suffer. Don’t accept poor vision and live with it all your life. It’s like how smoking used to be considered cool up to the 1960s, but today sticking a cigarette in your mouth is considered ridiculously stupid.
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