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My son Parth Tiwari had to depend on spectacles from a very young age of 5 years due to astigmatism. The number was very high and the doctor concluded spectacles would be the new normal in his life. We also accepted it as destiny and tried to move on with life. He was restricted from a lot of outdoor activities like playing football and cricket due to poor eyesight. The sun of equal opportunities was setting we heard about eye yoga.
After attending a few sessions of eye yoga my son started to respond positively to reading without specs. In a few weeks, he could read from a distance of 6 meters. And soon we also enrolled him for football in his school where he is playing good and catching up with the game. Under the able guidance of Ms. Siddhi, my son could live a life without specs by maintaining an effective diet and exercises. The diet has become an integral part of our lives too where the whole household is also following the same.
Hence as a parent, I would suggest other parents explore eye yoga as a viable and effectively permanent solution to eyesight problems of the children. Thanks again to Ms. Siddhi and her team for keeping up the great work.

A Happy Client

“Guess what? I saw a movie today from the first row of a theatre without glasses !”

A Happy Client

I can’t thank you enough Siddhi.Yesterday was just the way you visualized. I totally enjoyed myself.The audience was so thrilled, so moved. I achieved what I set out to do and you play a big role in that.God bless you always.


It has been a great experience at the Eye Yoga Centre, Thank you so much Siddhi & the team. Its been 3 months, I have been coming, My vision has improved. I do follow up a good diet as suggested & the best thing is I have completely given up TEA, no dairy products & no bakery stuff.

Earlier I would get frequent headaches & I would take a crocin, but now nothing of that sort of. I am so much better. I continue to stick to my diet & regularly take care of my eyes. This is truly wonderful and amazing.

Thank you so much, Siddhi!
WoW, Truly Incredible!


“I am Zil Shah, age 16 and we were recommended this place by our neighbors. Luckily we came on time, my no was only 0.5 in both the eyes. The program got over for me really fast and now I can see from 6 pts in both the eyes. Even though following the diet was a little difficult for me, the result was worth it. Thank you!”


“Namit almost had -9.00 number in both the eyes. He also had a lesser vision in his right eye which could perhaps lead to a lazy eye. The exercises have worked liked a miracle for my son’s eyes. His vision has increased by 90%. He is a 6-year-old boy, now he does not wear glasses at all. He copies correctly in his diary from the blackboard which I believe is his biggest achievement.
Thank you”


“I got rid of wearing spectacles after 34 years through diet corrections and simple yoga exercises. I was able to read from a  few inches away which I was unable to do for the last 4 years. I was used to + number (bifocals) for reading. This transformed within 4 days of the therapy. I had -4.5 numbers for viewing objects at a distance and that is now at -0.75 after 6 weeks of therapy. Plus I lost oodles of weight and diabetes is almost gone. My daily medicines are now at half of what I used to take. My diet is a normal human beings diet (that means =sweets and ice cream too)”


The diet, in many ways, is what that our forefathers probably had as a normal course of life. It is called an alkaline diet, operating on the principle that our bodies are fundamentally alkaline in nature. With the advent of western fast food, and Indian cooking shortcuts, the diet has degraded considerably in the last 20 years and has made our bodies acidic, which in turn is the cause of many modern diseases. Keeping our bodies alkaline meant eating a good amount of fruit and vegetables, especially greens, sticking to a single grain such as rice or wheat during meals, and eliminating toxic foods such as refined sugar, refined flour (maida), caffeine, and dairy as well as dairy products. It was difficult initially for me to adhere to the diet, especially given how much I eat out in the course of work or travel. But I have been able to stick to it about 90% and it has paid off in multiple ways, beyond the eyes. My energy levels have improved, my skin quality has improved, my weight has remained steady and stable.

The eye exercises themselves comprise of a mix of yogic techniques to strengthen the eye muscles with eye relaxation. Some can be done at home, but some need assisted props and gadgets available at the clinic. At the end of every session, I would feel quite relaxed and calm after the eye steam and massage. In the beginning, one should go every day or as often as possible, and the frequency gradually reduces over time.

When I went in, I was about -5 spherical and -2 cylindrical in the left eye and -4 spherical and -1 cylindrical in the right. Within a month, my eyes began to improve. In the course of about 8 months, my cylindrical was gone and I was down to about -2 in the left and -1.25 in the right. This was 8 months elapsed time, during which I had probably spent about 1.5 months out of Mumbai due to my travel schedule. I had to change my power on my glasses thrice in this period, to the bemusement of my ophthalmologist. Now, after about a year, I have given up wearing spectacles for the most part. It was very difficult to actually stop wearing the spectacles. There is a psychological block, a fear that we will be severely handicapped, that stops us from giving up the lenses. But I found a jump in improvement when I actually gave up wearing the glasses and forced my eyes to recognize and read distant signs. My vision is not 100% clear yet, but I get by reasonably well. My eyes respond to my brain when I want to focus on something blurry. Sure enough, after a bit of effort, the blurriness goes away, the target comes into focus and becomes readable.


My son Ali had glasses for his eyes, though his no was not too high we were very keen on getting rid of his glasses as he was still young. Ali’s homeopath referred us to The Eye Yoga Centre.

Siddhi planned a diet for Ali with regular exercises. After a month of consistent exercises and diet, Ali was completely off his glasses.  Even after a year, his vision is perfect which we got to know from his class teacher and his medical checkups at school.

Thanks to the Eye Yoga Centre, not only for his eyesight improvement but for bringing about lifestyle changes in our family too. My son now has the aloe vera juice on a daily basis and we incorporate salads in all our meals.

As a family, we have reduced bread and bakery products to a great extent.  We can’t thank Siddhi enough for all this.


I started the eye program with Siddhi two months back, I had no problem with my eyes and vision. At 26, I started my own business, I needed to use my laptop excessively since then. Like all business startups and hyper-digital life, it was bound to affect my eyes. Three months into the business, It started affecting my eyes, I got mild headaches, red eyes, burning of the eyes, squinting of the eyes. I realized that my eyesight is becoming weak.

So like all of us, I went to the eye doc who prescribed me to wear spectacles constantly as I had a cylindrical eye power. My right eye as -1.5 and left eye was -2.00. I did not want to wear glasses.

I did my research and joined the eye yoga center, Within some sessions of exercises, I not only improved my eye stamina but my overall health due to the nutrition. I am now able to sit in front of the laptop for long hours without feeling any eye strain. My vision is back to normal and the burning of the eyes – redness has completely gone.

I would recommend the eye exercise program to anyone who uses a screen, mobile or a laptop. With a bit of an effort, one can naturally restore their vision and have healthy eyes.

A Happy Client

I did what you told me yesterday and for the first time i could see the second hand of the clock clearly moving.

A Happy Client

“Arjun’s eyesight has improved quite a bit. We realized today when he was reading a lot from various signboards while we were on the road. Thank you”

A Happy Client

Thanks a lot.

Was able to see the OLA OTP yesterday

A Happy Client

“It always a pleasure to meet you. I owe you big time for helping me get rid off one of my biggest insecurities – wearing glasses inpublic.. I’ll definitely make a video and send in a few days.”


3 years ago, my kids ( Mahika & Rishit ) and I took the eye treatment at the Eye Yoga Centre. Mahika had an error of -2.5 in the left eye and -2.50 in the right eye. Rishit had started squeezing his eyes while watching tv.

I had an error of -2 in the left eye & -1.5 in the right eye. We were guided by Siddhi at The Eye Yoga Centre to a comprehensive eye exercise and a diet program. The diet included fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts with regular meals and exclusion of all processed & dairy foods. Regular Visits to the center were compulsory for the eye exercises.

After following the diet & the exercise program religiously, not just the eyesight improved for all of us, the kids started eating many new veggies and knocked off a lot of extra kilos. It was a lifestyle change too. In about 4 months, Mahika & I were off glasses and all three of us could read the last line from 6mts. It was miraculous, Slowly Siddhi weaned us off the program with a prescription of some maintenance exercises and nutrition for continued good eyesight.

Mahika is now 12 yrs old & Rishit is 9n yrs. We have been off glasses for almost 3 years now, I feel amazed at how by following such simple methods, we all have even able to achieve this unreal improvement. We try to visit the Eye Centre during holidays to be able to continue the program to sustain the effects it had on our vision.

I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who would like to correct their vision in a simple & sustained manner.

Thank You, Siddhi & The Eye Yoga Centre!
Shikha Goyal (Mother)


“Our son, Dhananjay, had an increasing number of – 2.75 and – 2.5, and we were worried that by the time he is 18, his number would go up substantially. What was sad for us, as parents, was to see the spectacles dictating every facet of his life, the excessive dependence brought on by poor genes and circumstance. The only option which we toyed with was a Lasik procedure, which, as you know, is not sacrosanct.

Till one day, we met a mutual school friend of ours, who had been plagued with a high number of -8, and who, suddenly, had no spectacles at all! It was he who introduced us to Siddhi and Eye Vision. So we took Dhananjay to Siddhi, who with her candid, humorous manner and her positivity, brought about a telling change in our lives. She adjusted our son’s diet, by eliminating what was furthermost from nature, and by following a fairly strict regimen of exercise started bringing about a steady improvement in Dhananjay’s sight.

Today, after about two months of meeting with Siddhi, our son has no spectacles at all–a far cry from the days he would be forced to take to the football field with the glasses on, as his vision was so poor.

Siddhi is exceptionally good with kids and explains the concepts of eye yoga in a simple, practical manner. She is hands-on and will take a personal interest in all who come for treatment. This is what we have observed. So thank you, Siddhi, and do keep up the good work!”


“My daughter Sia is 6 years old. When I first came to the center I was told that she has poor vision. Her no was 1.25 in the right eye and 0.25 in the right eye. Sia started her eye exercises regularly and at the end of the 15th day, Sia was out of her glasses. She could read everything clearly and she had a normal vision of 6/6.

She was also diagnosed with myopia problem at the age of 4.6 years. Initially, just as any other parent I took her to a normal ophthalmologist and she started to wear glasses. When she was 6 years of age I came to siddhi’s clinic and started with her eye exercises. Within 15 days my daughter was off her glasses and could see from 6 meters. After that, I continued to do the exercises at home since I live out of India. My daughter has been doing her eye exercise for almost a year now and I can tell you the difference. A very big thank you to siddhi for all the guided support throughout. I would just like to tell everyone out there who has a similar problem to just follow the exercise and diet with all your determination and dedication and then you will see positive results…. thank-you.”


My daughter Yashvee was 4 years when I came to know she has power in her eyes. In one eye it was -2.00 and in the other eye, it was -3.75. I took her to an eye doc, and he gave her glasses.

Yashvee wore those glasses for a year, then I came to know about the eye yoga center. When I first came here, Yashvee couldn’t read the 3rd line from even 2mts. She started her eye exercises and the suggested diet by Siddhi. By gods grace, she could even see the last line from 6mts.

Yashvee is now 8yrs old and I come here once in a year for strengthening her eye muscles. it’s very true what Siddhi says that a human being takes care of all their body parts even the nails but takes the eye for granted. Its a wonderful and miraculous thing to do and protect your eyes.

Thanks a ton, Siddhi.


When my daughter Alisha Chinoy, aged 7 years old, underwent the eye checkup at her school, I came to know that she has cylinder no 1.0 in her left and right eye respectively. Since she has brown beautiful eyes, I was reluctant to let her wear the spectacles.

When I came to know about the eye yoga center via Ali, who is Alisha’s classmate, I decided to give it a try although my family was very doubtful about it.

Initially, Alisha could not able to read the letters on the screen even from 2mts away, After some sessions of eye exercise, she is able to read on the screen from 7mts away. Not only has she improved her vision, but she has also reduced her addiction to using I-Pad and got her self involved in other activities. She has also improved her liking to her diet intake of fruits/veggies, which she rarely took in the past.

With Alisha improvements, I am content and sincerely thank Siddhi and the staff of the eye yoga center for their great efforts.

Muskaan Chinoy Mother


“A truly amazing program, wherein I  was able to get rid of my reading glasses (+1.5) within 3 weeks. The diet prescribed has allowed me to lose 5 kilos of excess weight while improving my skin tone and leaving me energetic every day -an extra bonus that I didn’t sign up for. The staff is very courteous and the doc (Dr. Prapanna) keeps you in good humor with his witty remarks. Results of his treatment are guaranteed, what it takes is to maintain the diet and be regular with the exercises. Wishing that more people know of this therapy and soon we can almost get rid of eyeglasses from this planet. I wish Siddhi and the center good luck in their noble cause to eradicate the crutches of our eyes. That we have come to accept as normal.”


“My name is Deepak Tendulkar staying at Panvel, Navi Mumbai. My daughter Prajakta age 8 years was suffering from headache and weak eyesight last year around June 2015. When we visited the eye specialist we got shocked when the doctor told us that Prajakta has specs with -0.5 number and she has to wear specs all the time. Within less than 4 months we changed the specs twice. My brother had taken this eye yoga treatment 9 years back (Sampoorna) for his son, he invited us to try for Prajakta.

We visited the eye yoga center and started the treatment on 8/11/2015. After 8 days of continuous exercises, we started getting results. Due to school, we were not able to come regularly, we started coming on weekends only. After completing 20 days of the treatment she has regained 6/6 vision. We were surprised to see the results in such a short period. During this treatment, we had followed a proper diet given by Siddhi. From the first day of the treatment, she stopped wearing glasses. This was possible only due to proper guidance and follow up by Siddhi. We are very thankful for giving such a wonderful gift of clear vision for my daughter. Once again thanks and all the best to the center”


When we first heard about the Eye Yoga Centre we at first didn’t have any clue that such a program existed such a center to assist us in removal /correction of our 6-year-old child’s eye number, he had recently got his spectacles and with a + number in both his eyes. (+1.00/+4.00 x 100)

We then visited Ms. Siddhi Shah and appreciated how she explained everything about his eye power and how the purpose of eye yoga was to strengthen the eye muscles, and the results we could expect thereafter.

Everyone at the eye yoga center is very friendly, encouraging and by the grace of God he’s not been using his spectacles ever since. as we continue to follow up and ensure weekly visits to the center and ensure that he’s not dependent on his spectacles. Thank you so much for this Siddhi.


My daughter Krishni Jumani aged 14 years old was facing problems in reading from the whiteboard in school. She used to see the words blur and so had to wear the glasses the whole day as prescribed by the doctor. After attending the sessions regularly at the Eye yoga center and following a diet prescribed by her my daughter’s vision has improved drastically and can now see more clearly. Thanks to Siddhi my daughter is happier as she hates wearing glasses. She doesn’t wear them at all!!!!!


My daughter Zara, was diagnosed with longsightedness at the age of 7 (the year 2014). We were naturally taken aback because long-sightedness is usually seen amongst 40yrs+ individuals. Her eyes were dull, puffy & got stressed very very quickly as she went through her day

I was then told about the Eye Yoga Centre by my brother, who had done the rigorous routine of diet & eye exercises a few years back & had managed to reduce his glasses power from -10 to approximately -5.5! Hence our next visit to India (December 2016) meant that we visit the eye center in Mumbai & have a go at it with full discipline & dedication.

In her first assessment, Amarjith Jee told us that although Zara is only 9, she’s got eyes of a 50-year-old! She could read the letter chart from a distance of 2 meters. Siddhi put her on a diet that was very “kids friendly” & charted out an exercise routine that she was required to do twice every day for the next 3 weeks. Zara totally understood why she was being made to this in the middle of her school holidays whilst her friends were enjoying their time off! She didn’t question this 1 bit & was fully motivated to get rid of her glasses.

As we progressed, more exercises were added to her regime. In her 2nd assessment, after Week 1, Zara could read from 3 meters & the week after from 5 meters. We were thrilled with the results & needless to say, Zara was pretty proud of herself & her achievements! Her final assessment, at the end of week 3, Zara could clearly read the letter chart from 6 meters & was also able to read newspaper size font quite easily. We did it….we did what we came for….no more glasses for Zara!!

I would like to thank Amarjith Jee for coming all the way to Mumbai to see my kids & a BIG thanks to Siddhi for all the hard work she put in. Zara really couldn’t have done it without your planning. Your encouraging words, every single day that we were there, kept my daughter motivated & going through the routine over the 3 weeks. She is so proud of her achievement & is determined to not wear glasses again. Her eyes are bright, beautiful & sparkling; she feels more energetic, thanks to all the healthy food she’s been on since December 2016! Now that we are back in Sydney, Zara continues to do her “homework” exercises that “Siddhi Didi” prescribed.

Well done Eye Yoga Centre & keep up the good work!


When I started my program at the Eye Yoga Center, I could not see clearly. My eye power in the right eye was -4.50/-1.00×180 and left eye was -6.00/-1.25×175. I was completely dependent on glasses.

After a few sessions of eye exercises, I could see the blackboard in my school. My distance and near vision became better, my eyes started to feel fresh and I reduced the need to wear spectacles.

2 weeks into the exercises I started to read books without glasses for a long time without a headache. Due to the nutrition plan, I also lost weight and became healthy.

3 weeks into the exercises, my vision became clearer, I could feel the pressure on the eyes has reduced. The distance vision was now much better than the day I started. I could be without glasses for a longer time.

Within a month of exercises, my vision had increased and I was able to see clearly from an approx distance of 5mts without glasses, In school to read from the 4th bench was easier than before. I could not believe I was almost without my glasses.

In between, I had gone for a school camp where I ate all the wrong things, my vision was still stable but my weight increased by 1 kg.

I am without glasses now, my vision keeps getting better . I continue to come to the center some days in a week to maintain my eyesight.

Thank you,
Advait Sakpal