When I started my program at the Eye Yoga Center, I could not see clearly. My eye power in the right eye was -4.50/-1.00×180 and left eye was -6.00/-1.25×175. I was completely dependent on glasses.

After a few sessions of eye exercises, I could see the blackboard in my school. My distance and near vision became better, my eyes started to feel fresh and I reduced the need to wear spectacles.

2 weeks into the exercises I started to read books without glasses for a long time without a headache. Due to the nutrition plan, I also lost weight and became healthy.

3 weeks into the exercises, my vision became clearer, I could feel the pressure on the eyes has reduced. The distance vision was now much better than the day I started. I could be without glasses for a longer time.

Within a month of exercises, my vision had increased and I was able to see clearly from an approx distance of 5mts without glasses, In school to read from the 4th bench was easier than before. I could not believe I was almost without my glasses.

In between, I had gone for a school camp where I ate all the wrong things, my vision was still stable but my weight increased by 1 kg.

I am without glasses now, my vision keeps getting better . I continue to come to the center some days in a week to maintain my eyesight.

Thank you,
Advait Sakpal

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