When my daughter Alisha Chinoy, aged 7 years old, underwent the eye checkup at her school, I came to know that she has cylinder no 1.0 in her left and right eye respectively. Since she has brown beautiful eyes, I was reluctant to let her wear the spectacles.

When I came to know about the eye yoga center via Ali, who is Alisha’s classmate, I decided to give it a try although my family was very doubtful about it.

Initially, Alisha could not able to read the letters on the screen even from 2mts away, After some sessions of eye exercise, she is able to read on the screen from 7mts away. Not only has she improved her vision, but she has also reduced her addiction to using I-Pad and got her self involved in other activities. She has also improved her liking to her diet intake of fruits/veggies, which she rarely took in the past.

With Alisha improvements, I am content and sincerely thank Siddhi and the staff of the eye yoga center for their great efforts.

Muskaan Chinoy Mother

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