The diet, in many ways, is what that our forefathers probably had as a normal course of life. It is called an alkaline diet, operating on the principle that our bodies are fundamentally alkaline in nature. With the advent of western fast food, and Indian cooking shortcuts, the diet has degraded considerably in the last 20 years and has made our bodies acidic, which in turn is the cause of many modern diseases. Keeping our bodies alkaline meant eating a good amount of fruit and vegetables, especially greens, sticking to a single grain such as rice or wheat during meals, and eliminating toxic foods such as refined sugar, refined flour (maida), caffeine, and dairy as well as dairy products. It was difficult initially for me to adhere to the diet, especially given how much I eat out in the course of work or travel. But I have been able to stick to it about 90% and it has paid off in multiple ways, beyond the eyes. My energy levels have improved, my skin quality has improved, my weight has remained steady and stable.

The eye exercises themselves comprise of a mix of yogic techniques to strengthen the eye muscles with eye relaxation. Some can be done at home, but some need assisted props and gadgets available at the clinic. At the end of every session, I would feel quite relaxed and calm after the eye steam and massage. In the beginning, one should go every day or as often as possible, and the frequency gradually reduces over time.

When I went in, I was about -5 spherical and -2 cylindrical in the left eye and -4 spherical and -1 cylindrical in the right. Within a month, my eyes began to improve. In the course of about 8 months, my cylindrical was gone and I was down to about -2 in the left and -1.25 in the right. This was 8 months elapsed time, during which I had probably spent about 1.5 months out of Mumbai due to my travel schedule. I had to change my power on my glasses thrice in this period, to the bemusement of my ophthalmologist. Now, after about a year, I have given up wearing spectacles for the most part. It was very difficult to actually stop wearing the spectacles. There is a psychological block, a fear that we will be severely handicapped, that stops us from giving up the lenses. But I found a jump in improvement when I actually gave up wearing the glasses and forced my eyes to recognize and read distant signs. My vision is not 100% clear yet, but I get by reasonably well. My eyes respond to my brain when I want to focus on something blurry. Sure enough, after a bit of effort, the blurriness goes away, the target comes into focus and becomes readable.

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