3 years ago, my kids ( Mahika & Rishit ) and I took the eye treatment at the Eye Yoga Centre. Mahika had an error of -2.5 in the left eye and -2.50 in the right eye. Rishit had started squeezing his eyes while watching tv.

I had an error of -2 in the left eye & -1.5 in the right eye. We were guided by Siddhi at The Eye Yoga Centre to a comprehensive eye exercise and a diet program. The diet included fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts with regular meals and exclusion of all processed & dairy foods. Regular Visits to the center were compulsory for the eye exercises.

After following the diet & the exercise program religiously, not just the eyesight improved for all of us, the kids started eating many new veggies and knocked off a lot of extra kilos. It was a lifestyle change too. In about 4 months, Mahika & I were off glasses and all three of us could read the last line from 6mts. It was miraculous, Slowly Siddhi weaned us off the program with a prescription of some maintenance exercises and nutrition for continued good eyesight.

Mahika is now 12 yrs old & Rishit is 9n yrs. We have been off glasses for almost 3 years now, I feel amazed at how by following such simple methods, we all have even able to achieve this unreal improvement. We try to visit the Eye Centre during holidays to be able to continue the program to sustain the effects it had on our vision.

I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone who would like to correct their vision in a simple & sustained manner.

Thank You, Siddhi & The Eye Yoga Centre!
Shikha Goyal (Mother)

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