“Our son, Dhananjay, had an increasing number of – 2.75 and – 2.5, and we were worried that by the time he is 18, his number would go up substantially. What was sad for us, as parents, was to see the spectacles dictating every facet of his life, the excessive dependence brought on by poor genes and circumstance. The only option which we toyed with was a Lasik procedure, which, as you know, is not sacrosanct.

Till one day, we met a mutual school friend of ours, who had been plagued with a high number of -8, and who, suddenly, had no spectacles at all! It was he who introduced us to Siddhi and Eye Vision. So we took Dhananjay to Siddhi, who with her candid, humorous manner and her positivity, brought about a telling change in our lives. She adjusted our son’s diet, by eliminating what was furthermost from nature, and by following a fairly strict regimen of exercise started bringing about a steady improvement in Dhananjay’s sight.

Today, after about two months of meeting with Siddhi, our son has no spectacles at all–a far cry from the days he would be forced to take to the football field with the glasses on, as his vision was so poor.

Siddhi is exceptionally good with kids and explains the concepts of eye yoga in a simple, practical manner. She is hands-on and will take a personal interest in all who come for treatment. This is what we have observed. So thank you, Siddhi, and do keep up the good work!”

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