I started the eye program with Siddhi two months back, I had no problem with my eyes and vision. At 26, I started my own business, I needed to use my laptop excessively since then. Like all business startups and hyper-digital life, it was bound to affect my eyes. Three months into the business, It started affecting my eyes, I got mild headaches, red eyes, burning of the eyes, squinting of the eyes. I realized that my eyesight is becoming weak.

So like all of us, I went to the eye doc who prescribed me to wear spectacles constantly as I had a cylindrical eye power. My right eye as -1.5 and left eye was -2.00. I did not want to wear glasses.

I did my research and joined the eye yoga center, Within some sessions of exercises, I not only improved my eye stamina but my overall health due to the nutrition. I am now able to sit in front of the laptop for long hours without feeling any eye strain. My vision is back to normal and the burning of the eyes – redness has completely gone.

I would recommend the eye exercise program to anyone who uses a screen, mobile or a laptop. With a bit of an effort, one can naturally restore their vision and have healthy eyes.

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