My daughter Yashvee was 4 years when I came to know she has power in her eyes. In one eye it was -2.00 and in the other eye, it was -3.75. I took her to an eye doc, and he gave her glasses.

Yashvee wore those glasses for a year, then I came to know about the eye yoga center. When I first came here, Yashvee couldn’t read the 3rd line from even 2mts. She started her eye exercises and the suggested diet by Siddhi. By gods grace, she could even see the last line from 6mts.

Yashvee is now 8yrs old and I come here once in a year for strengthening her eye muscles. it’s very true what Siddhi says that a human being takes care of all their body parts even the nails but takes the eye for granted. Its a wonderful and miraculous thing to do and protect your eyes.

Thanks a ton, Siddhi.

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