My daughter Zara, was diagnosed with longsightedness at the age of 7 (the year 2014). We were naturally taken aback because long-sightedness is usually seen amongst 40yrs+ individuals. Her eyes were dull, puffy & got stressed very very quickly as she went through her day

I was then told about the Eye Yoga Centre by my brother, who had done the rigorous routine of diet & eye exercises a few years back & had managed to reduce his glasses power from -10 to approximately -5.5! Hence our next visit to India (December 2016) meant that we visit the eye center in Mumbai & have a go at it with full discipline & dedication.

In her first assessment, Amarjith Jee told us that although Zara is only 9, she’s got eyes of a 50-year-old! She could read the letter chart from a distance of 2 meters. Siddhi put her on a diet that was very “kids friendly” & charted out an exercise routine that she was required to do twice every day for the next 3 weeks. Zara totally understood why she was being made to this in the middle of her school holidays whilst her friends were enjoying their time off! She didn’t question this 1 bit & was fully motivated to get rid of her glasses.

As we progressed, more exercises were added to her regime. In her 2nd assessment, after Week 1, Zara could read from 3 meters & the week after from 5 meters. We were thrilled with the results & needless to say, Zara was pretty proud of herself & her achievements! Her final assessment, at the end of week 3, Zara could clearly read the letter chart from 6 meters & was also able to read newspaper size font quite easily. We did it….we did what we came for….no more glasses for Zara!!

I would like to thank Amarjith Jee for coming all the way to Mumbai to see my kids & a BIG thanks to Siddhi for all the hard work she put in. Zara really couldn’t have done it without your planning. Your encouraging words, every single day that we were there, kept my daughter motivated & going through the routine over the 3 weeks. She is so proud of her achievement & is determined to not wear glasses again. Her eyes are bright, beautiful & sparkling; she feels more energetic, thanks to all the healthy food she’s been on since December 2016! Now that we are back in Sydney, Zara continues to do her “homework” exercises that “Siddhi Didi” prescribed.

Well done Eye Yoga Centre & keep up the good work!

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