The Spectacular Spectacle of Spectacles

While vanity was a concept devoid of me at the age of 14, the lenses placed in front of my eyes told me differently. When I first laid hands on my spectacle case I felt a sense of companionship, a one-sided companionship where the spectacles governed me. A societal norm now is, can’t see, wear these.  My experience with specs has been nothing but detrimental to my everyday life. How? The need for my eyes to constantly have a frame just in front for visibility started making me completely dependent on them. As years went by I thought the number would decrease but my blurred vision escalated, and my frames stayed on. The advantage that non-specs children had over me infuriated me. Whether it was playing football (ball hits your face but the impact through the specs hurts more), swimming (basing my strokes on all other senses but sight) or even standing on a snow-capped mountain (foggy glasses that refused to un-fog) were issues that the lucky non-specs children didn’t have to go through.  Another crucial event was sleeping; there was no such thing as a comfortable position to sleep whilst the specs were on and the constant battle to see my phone or read a book while in bed turned out to be more tedious than my most loathed subject: Chemistry. Today, the rise in 4 eyes (as the joke for specs clad people go) is too extreme, leading grandparents to be shocked at their 10-12-year-old grandchildren requiring aid to see. Specs, a concept so trifling during the 1900s, is now an unavoidable fashion fad and assistant. But does one need these specs? It’s clear that the reason for the dynamic growth in specs is caused by the screens we see daily, ironically the screen you’re reading this post on. Children, who are meant to go and play outside, sit glued to the screen, be it a T.V., an Ipad, a phone or a laptop. The gradual rise in screens is leading to a gradual deficit of our sight, one that is rapid and harmful for some. Alternative methods have been realized and exist, but are overlooked due to the quick remedy of specs. What most don’t realize is how much of a difference simple and basic exercises can create in one’s eyesight. Here at “The Eye Yoga Centre” our aim is just that. To relieve you of your specs with no lasers and no high-end machinery, letting you see clearly, frame free. A key cause for many to avoid eye yoga is sheer laziness and the option of over the counter specs, but for most, long term effects could lead to the pretty painting you see today, be abstract down the line. See clearly naturally than having to let 2 frames do the work for you. Let’s get laziness out of sight.

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