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Jasudben M.L. School in association with The Eye Yoga Center presents,

A live web session on Eye Care on Sat, 28 October 2023 at 10:00 am

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About the speaker

Shisdhi shah.png

Siddhi Shah

Eye Yoga Trainer and Nutritionist

Siddhi is a pioneer in building perfect vision naturally. Having trained in ancient sciences and healing techniques of Eye Yoga for over 7 years, she has expanded her knowledge through more than 1500 vision restoration cases at The Eye Yoga Centre, Mumbai India.

Siddhi has shared her knowledge with several institutions and corporations at the national & international level, which involves eye exercises, eye yoga pedagogy, nutrition practices beneficial for eyes and vision evaluation.

She has garnered her knowledge through numerous case studies and in-depth research on healthy vision, a study of the eye organ, natural vision restoration techniques, and much more.

She is certified in the fields of Optometry and Nutrition.

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