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The Eye Yoga
Online Program

Follow eye exercises and nutrition at home

About The Program

A healthy and clear vision is desired by everyone. In current times, eyesight problems are becoming more common everywhere in the world.

To help everyone across the globe to learn about eye care and improve their vision, we provide an online program to expand our reach.

The Home Program is designed to enable you to repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate your eyesight, at your place with absolute convenience. Our program includes video consultation, personalised exercises, and customised nutrition plans for you.

You can follow it anytime, whether at home, in school, at the office, or on-the-go while traveling.

Is It For Me?

With the COVID-19 lockdown, screen time for adults as well as kids has increased. Grown-ups are doing everything on their computers, spending hours in front of the screen, and even children are schooling online, with long hours of staring at the monitor.

This is increasing the eye strain from the blue light of screens which penetrates your retina. Eye care for kids and adults has become the need of the hour, now more than ever. You don't need to come to us, we will help you right where you are.

The online program is for you if you're searching for a solution to your vision problems, and wish to

  • Get rid of headaches & eye strain caused by prolonged screen-time

  • Free yourself from wearing spectacles, contact lenses

  • Avoid surgery to treat a simple or complex eye disorder

Our online program is designed for children and adults, troubled with poor vision due to lifestyle, refractive, and organic eye issues.

How Do I Enroll?

Get a 1-to-1 consultation, customised exercises & nutrition plan online

Step 1

Get in touch to schedule a personal consultation via email or video call.

Step 2

We will record & understand your requirements in detail.

Step 3

A customised exercise and nutrition plan is created for you.

Step 4

You will receive your program by email within 2 working days.

Manish Gupta, USA

Have gone through the program for almost 2 months and have seen a magical change in my eyesight. After taking the course, there is a huge improvement in my eyesight. Eyesight has improved from (RE 5.5, LE 4.75) to (RE4.0, LE 3.5).

Harneet Kaur, Australia

My eyes used to feel tired and very low on energy. Sometimes, I had to face random redness in the eyes. The Eye Yoga Center is doing a great service. Who does not want healthy and strong eyes!! It is the best blessing to have sharp eyesight. And, It is another blessing to find a reliable and effective service like this yoga center.

Pooja Punch, UK

My daughter has been doing her eye exercise for almost a year now and I can tell you that I don’t see the squint anymore. A very big thank you to siddhi for all her guided support throughout. I would just like to tell everyone out there who has a similar problem to just follow the exercise and diet with all your determination and dedication and then you will see positive results. Thank you.

What Do I Get?

With a simple commitment to our exercise and nutrition plan, you can expect

No more glasses

Freedom from eye power and spectacles

Perfect eyesight

Strengthened eye muscles for a brighter future

Stronger eyes

Reduced deterioration of eyesight

Sharper vision

Enhanced ability to see, clearer focus

Natural healing

Treat complex eye disorders naturally

Enhanced vision

Better near or far vision without strain

Siddhi shah, eye yoga trainer and nutritionist at The Eye Yoga Center

Siddhi Shah

Eye Yoga Trainer and Nutritionist

Siddhi is a pioneer in building perfect vision naturally. Having trained in ancient sciences and healing techniques of Eye Yoga for over 7 years, she has expanded her knowledge through more than 1500 vision restoration cases at The Eye Yoga Centre, Mumbai India.

Siddhi has shared her knowledge with several institutions and corporations at the national & international level, which involves eye exercises, eye yoga pedagogy, nutrition practices beneficial for eyes and vision evaluation.

She has garnered her knowledge through numerous case studies and in-depth research on healthy vision, a study of the eye organ, natural vision restoration techniques, and much more.

She is certified in the fields of Optometry and Nutrition.

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