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Hear our clients' success stories

Mrs Cementwalla, Ali's mother

After a month of consistent exercises and diet, Ali was completely off his glasses.  Even after a year, his vision is perfect which we got to know from his class teacher and his medical checkups at school.

Deepak Tendulkar

After completing 20 days of the treatment my daughter has regained 6/6 vision. We were surprised to see the results in such a short period. During treatment, we had followed a proper diet given by Siddhi.

Vyal Udhay

Within some sessions of exercises, I not only improved my eye stamina but my overall health due to the nutrition. My vision is back to normal and the burning of the eyes, redness has completely gone.

Mrs Tiwari, Parth's mother

After attending a few sessions of eye yoga my son started to respond positively to reading without specs. In a few weeks, he could read from a distance of 6 meters. And soon we also enrolled him in football in his school where he is playing well and catching up with the game.

Vimal Pherwani

Earlier I would get frequent headaches & I would take a Crocin, but now nothing of that sort. I am so much better. I continue to stick to my diet & regularly take care of my eyes. This is truly wonderful. Thank you so much, Siddhi!

Mrs Goyal, Mahika's mother

Mahika had an error of -2.5 in the left eye and -2.50 in the right eye. Rishit had started squeezing his eyes while watching tv. We have been off glasses for almost 3 years now, I feel amazed at how by following such simple methods, we all have even able to achieve this unreal improvement.

Mrs Bilquis, Hatim's mother

When we began my son Hatim could just read from 1 meter & now since the last 3 months he reads the same lines from 6 meters without glasses. He has stopped wearing glasses completely. To begin with, he had an eye power of -5.50, his eye power has now dropped to -4.25, he has no issues as well as in reading even from the last bench of the class (confirmed by his teacher ). In fact, the optometrist whom I consult also asked me to continue eye yoga! Heartfelt thanks to Siddhi

Mrs Jayshree, Kashvee's mother

My daughter was diagnosed with a lazy eye at age 5, I was asked to do surgery by the ophthalmologist, but once she began her eye exercise sessions I saw a big difference, rather others noticed the change in her eye. The exercises & diet provided by you have made a world of difference not only to her eye but to her immunity too. Coming here in the nick of time & beginning your sessions have been of great help us to rather than putting a child of this age through surgery.