Rebuilding perfect vision, naturally

Healthy eyes with

exercises and nutrition

for people of all ages

  • Live free from spectacles

  • Achieve clear and perfect vision

  • Heal eye disorders without medication

  • Reduce eye strain caused by screens

  • Learn to take care of your eyes

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Why Eye Yoga?

Screens! Strain! Stress!

Eye yoga is a blend of science and discipline for healthy, strong, and clear vision. Simple exercises designed to comfort your eyes, strengthen eye muscles, and correct eye movements, followed with a nutrition-packed diet, can ensure better eyesight naturally, without any medical intervention.

Problems of blurred vision, weak eyesight, and eye strain are increasing among children as well as adults due to prolonged exposure to smartphones, televisions, computers, and tablets. While technology eases our life and entertains us, we must stop to think if our bodies are designed to handle the strain and damage it can cause in the long run.

Irregular working hours, unhealthy eating habits, and disturbed sleep only amplify these eye-related problems for us.

A very small commitment to eye care can help you to rebuild your vision, have healthy eyes, and perfect vision easily.

Is Eye Yoga For Me?

Eye Yoga is for you if you

  • Wear glasses and want to get rid of them

  • Spend long hours in front of a blue light screen

  • Experience poor vision, and want to correct your eyesight

  • Have a complex eye disorder and want to heal it naturally

Eye Yoga is for people of all ages troubled with vision problems, or facing refractive and organic errors like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, Macular degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Cataract, and other complex eyesight problems.

What Will I Get?

Start your journey to a healthier vision


Personalised eye exercises that work on strengthening your eye muscles, and improve your vision. The exercises are customised to your particular requirements as the duration and effectiveness of the exercises differ for every person, depending on the condition and power of the eyes.


Nutrition is the key to restoring balance and increasing the blood and oxygen supply to each of the 34 vital parts of your eyes to rebuild strong eyesight. We provide a personalised diet plan based on the principles of naturopathy, designed for you based on your health and the condition of your eyes.

Progress Tracking

As an important part of the program, we track your vision improvements on a weekly basis to check and record the changes in your vision. You will see tangible improvements, based on which we will alter the exercises and diet plan every week or when required, to suit your progress and enable faster results.

Our Programs

We have personalised programs for people of all ages

Rectify Vision

A program specially designed to correct refractive issues like hypermetropia, myopia, and astigmatism. Bid goodbye to your glasses.

Repair Vision

An intensive program to heal complex and permanent eye disorders like cataract, glaucoma, retinal issues, and others.

Power vision

A program designed to tackle vision problems caused by long studying or working hours, and prolonged exposure to blue light from screens.


A proven program to tackle age-related near vision problems (presbyopia). Rejuvenate your eyes and get rid of those reading glasses.

6/6 Forever

Make eye care a part of your lifestyle. Learn to protect your eyes and fight the strain from the blue light of computer and phone screens.

Tender Vision

A program specially designed for children's eyes to provide strength and nourishment during the formative years for a brighter future.

Eye Yoga At Home

Join our Home Program for remote training and consultation at your convenience, from anywhere in the world.

"A truly amazing program, wherein I was able to get rid of my reading glasses (+1.5) within 3 weeks. The diet prescribed has allowed me to lose 5 kilos of excess weight while improving my skin tone and leaving me energetic every day -a bonus that I didn’t sign up for. Results of his treatment are guaranteed, what it takes is to maintain the diet and be regular with the exercises. Wishing that more people know of this therapy and soon we can almost get rid of eyeglasses from this planet."


Siddhi Shah

Eye Yoga Trainer & Nutritionist

Ms. Shah is passionate about eye health, nutrition, and happiness. She runs The Eye Yoga Center in Bandra, Mumbai, and has been helping people with different eyesight problems to improve, repair, and rebuild their vision naturally through personalised exercises, nutrition plans, and personal counseling.


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